About Daniel L. Lu

About Daniel L. Lu

I am a 460,000,000-second-old person living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I will go to the University of British Columbia in September. Look out for me there!

My interests

I have a passion for car design, engineering, and computers. By using professional software such as Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended, Autodesk 3DS Max 2008, Rhinoceros 3D 4.0, and Adobe Flash CS3, I am able to create artwork and designs to some extent thanks to my self-learnt skills. In addition, I have a passion for inventing things. Currently I have many unique designs and inventions. Among those are a constant-velocity joint with no sliding elements, and a continuous track that is much more flexible than current designs. I hope to patent these inventions sometime in the future.


I was born in Singapore, and received a bilingual primary education in English and Mandarin Chinese there. As a result, English is my first language. I came to Canada in August 2005, and studied one year of high school in the Kitsilano Secondary School MACC program. Then, I came to the UBC Transition Program in 2006 September. In June of 2008, I graduated from the UBC Transition Program and thus completed high school.


In September of 2008, I will enter the Science One program at UBC for First Year. After that, I may decide to go into Applied Science. After completing university, I will strive to enter Massachusetts Institute of Technology for graduate school. I will pursue a future in automotive design and engineering or computer sciences and graphics.

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