Here you can see some of my designs. Click on any one of them to expand.

Table of contents

3D work

These are some of my 3D models. I have been doing 3D modeling ever since I was 12, but have progressively improved since then. While I started out with polygonal modeling with ZModeler 1.07, I later moved onto subdivision surfaces with Autodesk 3DS Max, and then to NURBS modeling with Rhinoceros 3D.


A concept car I designed when I was 14, winning the Outstanding Design Award in the 2008 Michelin Challenge Design. It was selected out of hundreds of international competitors to be displayed at the North American International Auto Show. The car features many interesting technologies. This 3D model was made in 3DS Max. Download picture »

Robot Tank

A detailed model of a robotic fighting vehicle with a 20 mm cannon. The tank measures about 1.62 meters in length. This 3D model was made in Rhinoceros 3D. Buy the model or download picture »


A novelty chess set of my own design. A unique feature is the ability to stack the pieces. This 3D model was made in Rhinoceros 3D. Download: Oblique view, Front view, Side view.


A concept car of my own design, made in 2010. The car features advanced wheels and suspension, as well as a streamlined design. This 3D model was made in Rhinoceros 3D. Download picture »


A concept car of my own design, made in 2010, inspired by classic racecars like the Porsche 906. Unfortunately, I never finished making this. This 3D model was made in Rhinoceros 3D. Download picture »

Organic Molecules

Some organic molecules. The molecules are, from foreground to background: cyclohexane, methane, ethane, and heptane. I also uploaded it to Wikimedia Commons, and it is a featured picture on English Wikipedia. Download picture »

Textures and 2D work

These are some of my 2D graphics as well as video game graphics. I primarily use Adobe Photoshop.

Minecraft Textures

Textures for Minecraft. A review has been written about this texture pack at HubPages. There has also been a video review on Youtube. Unfortunately I have not had much time to update this recently, but I really should since there are people out there who like it. Official texture pack thread »

The Angry Prince

Graphics for a Windows Phone 7 game that features an angry prince trying to destroy castles. It was never finished. I also made some animated sprites for castle destruction when the spherical boulder hits the castle. I was also involved in level design and programming.


Abstract art. Download picture »

Web Design

These are some of my web designs. I primarily use Notepad++ in conjunction with some elements designed in Photoshop. But I prefer sites that keep raster UI elements to a minimum and instead achieve style through CSS. My web design skills are all self-learnt.

Rock Paper Scissors Contest

I designed the site, as well as the pictures of the robots playing rock paper scissors. Link »

Site of Buttons

This is a website full of buttons that link to other websites. I use it as my homepage. Link »


This is the official website for a robot I constructed. Link »

Transition Program

I took the initiative to design the official website for the Transition Program when I was a student there (i.e. when I was 13 or 14). However, it died soon after I graduated due to issues with the web host.