Daniel Lawrence Lu

Lidar point cloud
FIGURE 1 I work on algorithms for SLAM and surface reconstruction.

I am an engineer, roboticist, programmer, and photographer.

I am interested in robot perception and localization, computer vision, and machine learning.

In my spare time, I like to contribute to Wikipedia, make 3D models, work on personal programming projects, do programming contests, take photos, and do web design.


1 Education

At CMU, my advisor was George Kantor. I worked on SLAM using a combination of cameras and a lidar, for an autonomous off-road vehicle.

My thesis is called Vision-Enhanced Lidar Odometry and Mapping. It is about combining several different SLAM algorithms, each with different strengths and weaknesses, so that a robot can function robustly in many different environments.

2 Contact

My email address is the same as my full name except with an ‘@’ in between my first and middle names and a dot between my middle and last name.


3 Publications

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