I have several goals this year.

Studying method

  • I need to stop procrastinating and finish assignments earlier
  • I need to keep track of my marks, so that I do not lose any marks to mistakes on part of other people (a silly way to lose marks!)
  • I need to organise my time better, so that I have time to do everything
  • I need to read about what we're learning the next day, so that I can come to class mentally prepared
  • I need to organise my binder better, and avoid losing important pieces of paper
  • Academics

  • Physics: 100%
  • Chemistry: 97%
  • Calculus: 98%
  • English and Literature: 95%
  • Other: 93%
  • Passion Pursuit

  • I will not allow any of my skills associated with car design and computer graphics to deteriorate whilst I focus on academics this year
  • I will participate in the Michelin Challenge Design 2009 if I have time
  • Long Term

  • I will try to get into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for graduate school
  • I will get a job either as a university professor, or a car designer, or a software designer
  • TOP