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Website is up

September 12, 2007, Friday

Hooray! the website is up!



September 10, 2007

We recently went to Camp Summit in Squamish. I took 104 high-resolution pictures (which really is nothing, considering that in Daria's last trip to China, she took 1300 photos). My 104 photos can be downloaded here. It is in RAR format, you'd need a program called WinRAR to extract the photos.

On the first day of Camp, I though, "Oh my, this is going to be like last year. Not fun at all." But the truth was different. Last year, I did not know anyone in Transition, whereas this year, I have several friends to rely on. Furthermore, having developed my social skills over the past year, I am more open to making friends with the Year 1s. So it turned out that the camp was really fun.

We did mountain biking on the first day. I am quite accustomed to riding bicycles, but not mountain bikes; as a result, I could not maintain my balance whilst standing on the bike during stunts. Nevertheless, it was fun.

On the second day, we climbed the Stawamus Chief - the world's second largest granite monolith. It was as tiring as last year, but this time my friends helped me up. Furthermore, I had a piece of notepaper that read, "It is amazing what you can achieve if you believe you can". Well, this belief was what helped me up most of the mountain.

On the third day, we finally got back to Transition. Oh my, the camp was so tiring. But we learnt a lot from it. For more details about how I survived Camp Summit, please email me.


School Starts!

September 10, 2007

School starts today! Agh! The worst thing is that we get a lengthy history assignment on the very first day. Good thing I finished it within 2 days of it being assigned. This year I will procrastinate less, read textbooks the night before lessons, and keep track of my marks. I hope this strategy will prove effective in making me learn better, get higher marks, etc.