My Goals for 2008 Summer

In the summer, I shall compete in the Peugeot Concours Design 2008 and try to win with my car design that looks like a cross between a mouse and a tofu. I shall practice playing the piano and learn Biology 11 and tennis.

My Goals for 2007-2008

Academic goals

This year I will try to be a better student and get...

  • 97% for Physics 12
  • 95% for Chemistry 12
  • 95% for Calculus
  • 90% for English 12
  • 90% for Literature 12
  • 87% for History 12
  • 90% for Self and Society
  • I will improve my studying method in order to get these marks.

  • I need to stop procrastinating and finish assignments earlier
  • I need to read ahead in textbooks to preview what is needed to be learnt
  • I need to organise time and space better
  • I need to communicate with the teachers if I have anything to ask
  • Non-Academic goals

    Passion pursuit

  • I will not allow my skills in car design and computer graphics to deteriorate while I focus on the academics this year
  • I will not allow non-academic things to get in the way of studying
  • I will make a professional-looking portfolio to exhibit my skills
  • Health

  • I will exercise more and eat more healthily in order to maintain a healthy body
  • Volunteering

  • I will volunteer more this year
  • Achievement of goals

    Unfortunately, I have not achieved any of my goals. I ended up getting 90% for Physics, 94% for Chemistry, 90% for Calculus, 86% for English, 87% for Literature, 83% for History, and 89% for Self and Society. Moreover, I procrastinated and ended up not finishing one assignment, did not read ahead in textbooks, and did not organise my time or space properly. In addition, I did not communicate much with my teachers. Furthermore, my car design skills have greatly deteriorated in the school year and I was unable to prevent random things from getting in the way of my studies. I am not any healthier and I did not volunteer at all in the school year, except for helping my website with some random mundane graphics.

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