Atelier Crenn

Today I went to eat dinner at Atelier Crenn.

FIGURE 1 Champagne at Bar Crenn.

1 Savoury courses

FIGURE 2 Each meal at Atelier Crenn begins with a menu in the form of a poem. Each line above the divider is a savoury dish, and every pair of lines below is a dessert.
FIGURE 3 Fall has come with its cool breeze, i.e. an aperitif with an explosion of cider and creme de cassis inside a thin sphere of white chocolate topped with a jam.
FIGURE 4 See the efflorescing beaut twitch rosy cheeks rises, i.e. oyster with rose. Notice it is blurred due to people shaking the table. Kinda sour.
FIGURE 5 Spoon for rose oyster.
FIGURE 6 With a most adored gift from Neptune, this aureate bloom, i.e. sea urchin and geoduck on a koshihikari rice cracker, topped with a citrus cream.
FIGURE 7 Warriors ashore bathe in brilliance as luminous as its gilded crown, i.e. lobster tartare topped with a grape gelee with dried and hydrated seaweed. The “gilded crown” was a lime and ginger foam. The outer ring of dark green powder is seaweed.
FIGURE 8 Lobster soup.
FIGURE 9 To bury in fallen leaves my treasures of the earth and sea, i.e. Trout roe buried in pumpkin seeds, oils consisting of nasturtium oil, pumpkin seed oil, and butter; truffle and vinegar jellies.
FIGURE 10 In the snowy stillness lie the Gemini, perfectly whole, i.e. trout covered with creamy trout “snow”, frozen cream, topped in grated dehydrated trout. Inspired by Chef Dominique’s visit to London and her experience with fish and chips.
FIGURE 11 Spoon for snowy gemini.
FIGURE 12 Fried truffle-shaped fish skin sphere that is supposed to resemble the chips part of fish and chips.
FIGURE 13 By the shimmer of black pearls, trembling in the ashen cloud, i.e. caviar and some rice based thing that is like sake.
FIGURE 14 Mother of pearl spoon for caviar.
FIGURE 15 Crackers for eating caviar with.
FIGURE 16 Bread. Extremely soft. Easily pulled apart with hands.
FIGURE 17 Butter infused with parsley, tarragon, and other herbs.
FIGURE 18 An armored gent listens, beneath the bluff, i.e. abalone underneath a dehydrated cabbage or something, in a green parsley oil. Abalone was laid atop of some sauerkraut-like substance. Abalone is known as “truffle of the sea” in French cuisine.
FIGURE 19 Fancy artisanal knife recycled from the suspension coils of a 1955 Chevy truck.
FIGURE 20 As delicate creatures of green and blue surface to bloom, i.e. a black cod with miso. Very soft and delightful texture.
FIGURE 21 For a melody faintly heard in a golden haze, the light of fog, i.e. a new type of brandade, or cod mashed potatoes, in a foam form factor, reminiscent of San Francisco fog. The foam was celery root.
FIGURE 22 Spoon for the potato thing.
FIGURE 23 Cod soup in a cast iron cup. Made with cod bones and steeped with some of the “rejected” flowers for aromatic purposes.

2 Dessert courses

FIGURE 24 Espresso Crenn.
FIGURE 25 Bashful revelers emerge underfoot from the dulcet earth, i.e. a novel sort of pavlova — meringue filled with ice cream.
FIGURE 26 To the steadfast rhythm of a gentle passion so unyielding, i.e. a beet “pavlova” meant to be eaten with your hands, brittle shell with creamy inside.
FIGURE 27 From the earth, and the water, heirloom lips; The taste that we chase every summer will last until the winter, i.e. a tomato sorbet with basil sorbet inside, and slices of a dense and intensely flavoured dehydrated strawberry. There was also dehydrated basil cake on the bottom, and the stem of the tomato is edible chocolate.
FIGURE 28 Fall has come and is full of sweet surprises, sweet bounty, thanks, i.e. chocolate, ginger, and nuts in a hand carved from chocolate. The server warned us not to “bite the hand that feeds you”.