Small form factor PC

I built a small form factor PC. The build is based on the Minisforum BD790i which has an AMD Ryzen 9 7945HX. This CPU is physically identical to the desktop 7950X, but has lower power and slightly lower clock rate, meaning it draws about half the power while delivering 90% of the performance.

FIGURE 1 Finished build.
FIGURE 2 Parts used (except the LEGO Porsche and the purple puppy)
Motherboard + CPUMinisforum BD790i (AMD Ryzen 9 7945HX)
GPUAsus ProArt Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 Super
SSDCrucial P3 Plus 4 TB
RAMCrucial RAM 96 GB (2 x 48 GB) SODIMM
PSUCorsair SF750
FanThermalright TL-B12 Extrem
PCIe RiserSome random one (Jectse on Amazon) 200 mm dual reverse PCIE 4.0
12VHPWR cableAnother random one (JOYJOM on Amazon)
Table 1 List of parts.

Putting it together was pretty smooth. The GPU just barely fits if I force it in. Otherwise, I’d have to remove one of the panels of the case, which is slightly more work.

The 120mm x 25mm Thermalright fan fits perfectly (i.e. barely) in the case. It’s also loud since it goes up to 3000 rpm so I had to change the fan settings in BIOS (which doesn’t let me do a detailed fan curve). For any given RPM, it is quiet compared to the competition (roughly the same as the Arctic P12 Max and Noctua A12x25 according to some reviews).

FIGURE 3 Finished build left side.
FIGURE 4 Left side inside. Look at the tight fit for the GPU.
FIGURE 5 Right side inside.
FIGURE 6 Right side outside.
FIGURE 7 Neofetch

It works pretty well. The temps are about 90 degrees C for the CPU when all cores are under maximum load (compiling C++). Framerates are great on Helldivers 2.