All photos licensed CC-By-SA 4.0, and can also be found on Wikimedia Commons.

1 Line scan photos

Shinkansen N700A Series
FIGURE 1 Shinkansen N700 Series, Himeji, Japan, 2017
San Francisco Cable Car
FIGURE 2 Cable Car, San Francisco, CA, 2017
FIGURE 3 BART C1, San Francisco, CA, 2017

2 Normal photos

Apple Park
FIGURE 4 Apple Park, Cupertino, CA, 2018
Ferry building
FIGURE 5 Ferry building, San Francisco, CA, 2017
Bay Bridge
FIGURE 6 Bay Bridge, San Francisoc, CA, 2017
Market at Third
FIGURE 7 Market Street at Third Street, San Francisco, CA, 2017
San Francisco City Hall
FIGURE 8 San Francisco City Hall, San Francisco, CA, 2016
FIGURE 9 Centerm, Vancouver, BC, 2016
Broderie Room
FIGURE 10 Broderie Room at the Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh, PA, 2015
Hillman Library
FIGURE 11 Hillman Library, Pittsburgh, PA, 2015