Biham-Middleton-Levine traffic model


The BML traffic model is a simple 3-state cellular automaton consisting of two kinds of cars, one facing right and one facing down, taking turns to move. Here is a demo which allows you to explore the model, as well as its variants as described in my paper.

Framerate: 0


Density: 0% 100%

Simulation speed: 1 10

The simulation is randomly initialized. The probability of each cell being non-empty is Density.

The bar underneath the main simulation is a visualization of the next state of a cell as a function of its two neighbours and itself.

BML traffic model3922832263383
Diagonal sand flow7469071910973
Blue earthworms5340268068864
Phase change around 62%2885464785241
Phase change around 75%3894972317834
Phase change around 75%651706795916
Phase change around 58%2168120246479
Phase change around 66%152690720768
Weird stuff2828173986213
Weird stuff486874543
Weird stuff1811177701721
Weird stuff3950779072581
Weird stuff3118088093765
Weird stuff400697024
Weird stuff3245024084244
Weird stuff6212768399705
Weird stuff273952194560
Weird stuff1217877770240
Weird stuff456351711232
Weird stuff503443685376
Weird stuff189398122772
Weird stuff1488785113364
Weird stuff7466274390292
Weird stuff3580146745344
Weird stuff2403954491737
Weird stuff72022532096
Weird stuff4807504001841
Weird stuff5882493049933
Table 1 List of interesting cellular automaton rules found.